Welcome to Quality Youth Services ETC Program!  

My name is Tami Paxton, LCSW I am the clinical director at Quality Youth Services (QYS).  I am excited about the opportunity for us to work together with your youth.  I supervise the ETC program at QYS so if you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to me., My cell phone number is 801-389-6695.


This program is designed to help your youth: 

  • Engage in healthy thoughts and behaviors while reducing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. 

  • Teach you how to help them stay focused and when to intervene.

  • Change behaviors that led to intervention. 


As a basic guideline ETC-1 youth will receive weekly individual/family psychoeducational sessions based on healthy lifestyles over the course of six to eight weeks. We use a basic sex education curriculum developed within the clinical department focusing on appropriately defining healthy human sexuality, consent, and encouraging open discussion within the family of sexual terms, safety, limits, and how to monitor effectively.  This is delivered in individual and family therapy settings including a parent support/education group.  

As a basic guideline, the ETC-2 program uses a few different clinical intervention methods based on client profile; CBT-TR, Seeking Safety, Road-maps, CBT based cycle, and life plan. The ETC program can be completed in four to six months using individual, family therapy, parent group, and group therapy if appropriate. 


We offer a parent support/education group online twice per month as a supportive forum to explore and effect dynamic factors that lead to unhealthy behaviors you will get a schedule and directions to connect at your youth’s first therapy session.  


You will be asked to connect via Telehealth using a secure video session during Covid-19, Your youth may require assistance to connect.  We will also send a measurement tool via email before each session called the YOQ which will help our therapists understand treatment direction and success.  If you are interested in the measurement please ask your therapist to discuss the results with you.  


We pride ourselves on communicating expectations effectively, please ask questions!


Thank you.