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Quality Youth Services Harrisville / Ogden

2240 US-89 STE C
Harrisville, UT 84404


Our Harrisville, Ogden Quality Youth Services (QYS) location is situated in an ideal environment when it comes to supporting our youth. There is incredible access to the outdoors in a safe and family-friendly area. This is a very beneficial environment in which to teach and nurture our youth as they transition through foster care services. At QYS, we partner with state services and offer a certification program to our proctor parents. There are several ways you can support the children in our facility, from offering 24/7 care to mentoring part time. Our clinical and therapy services provide support to individuals and families of all ages. To find out more about our services and connections in the community, contact us today.

State Services

Quality Youth Services works closely with the Utah Department of Human Services' Child and Family Services (DCFS) and the Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services (DJJYS). We work hard to improve the lives of the children, youth, and their families we work with. This programming includes individual, family, and group therapy, medication management, psychosocial rehabilitation services, and other skills groups. We also provide mentoring and tracking for the youth in our care.

Foster Care & Proctor Parents

Foster and Proctor parents, also referred to as professional parents, are single individuals or married couples who provide care to children placed in their homes. Our proctor parents are caring couples who want to help at-risk youth assigned to our program. As a proctor parent, you will work closely with our staff and therapists to give the youth in your home the best possible care. We support you as you support them by providing a certification program. For those looking to become involved in foster care, it is important to understand that this is not a program for adoption. Proctor care may be short-term or for several years, depending upon the child's needs and his/her family.

Treatment Foster Parent

Treatment foster care (TFC), or therapeutic foster care, is out-of-home care by foster parents for children and adolescents with significant emotional, behavioral, medical, or social needs.

Respite Care Provider

Respite care is planned or can be temporary emergency care to give foster parents a break. This is a way to help support children if you cannot commit to having them in your home 24/7.

Transition to Adult Living (TAL)

The QYS Transition to Adult Living (TAL) program is designed with your young adult in mind. TAL is a 6-month program designed to motivate, teach skills, and help youth see success. The programming is designed for male and female youth ages 17-21 who are transitioning out of a residential care setting. QYS offers full on-site and in-home clinical services to assist and support the youth. We have seen that when the adolescents in our program step down from residential environments, they can have psychiatric medication to continue, a wish to complete their therapeutic work, and a desire to have the familiar structure of the previous setting. QYS also offers tutoring services to assist in educational pursuits, as well as mentoring groups and classes to help guide the direction of success.

Engage Teach Change (ETC)

ETC is a program that is designed to help your youth to engage in healthy thoughts and behaviors while reducing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, teach you how to help them stay focused and when to intervene, and change behaviors that led to intervention. We offer a parent support/education group online twice per month as a supportive forum to explore and effect dynamic factors that lead to unhealthy behaviors you will get a schedule and directions to connect at your youth’s first therapy session.

Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC)

TFTC provides comprehensive training for both foster parents, builds therapeutic relationships, explores trauma-informed care, develops proactive parenting strategies to reinforce positive prosocial behaviors, teaches cooperation, addresses thoughts, feelings, and behavior, interrupts the conflict cycle, utilizes problem-solving techniques, promotes cultural sensitivity, and teaches relevant life skills.

Clinical Services

QYS offers individual, family, and couples therapy. We also offer support groups as well as group therapy. Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities and issues to help clients heal and lead healthy, happy lives. Services include: DBT, Parenting In The New Age, and Therapy.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT arms clients with important practical skills to practice mindfulness, regulate emotion, tolerate distress, improve relationships, and ultimately create "a life worth living" (Dr. Linehan). DBT is considered the gold standard treatment for borderline personality disorder (BPD) and chronic suicidality, but it has also been shown to be effective in treating various other mental health stressors.

Parenting In The New Age

This group is aimed at increasing parenting skills to help navigate issues such as boundaries, social media, isolation, communication, pornography, expectations, stress management, trauma, and many other topics. This group meets over Zoom.


People come to therapy for many reasons. Some examples include struggles with depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, relationships, disordered eating, difficult life transitions, grief, or trauma. There is no issue that is too small for therapy. We offer individual, couples, family, and group sessions.

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