Simone Y. Regan, CSW


Simone Y. Regan CSW began practicing therapy in the Spring of 2020 after graduating Utah State University with honors. During school, her focus was primarily on diverse populations, and being Native American herself makes her all the more passionate about providing culturally sensitive care to her clients. She operates from a Strengths-Based perspective and feels like therapeutic relationships benefit from a mutual feeling of curiosity and respect toward one another. She leans heavily on a team approach to treatment planning and care.
She has had an adventurous life including Active Army time where she worked at the Airborne school at Fort Benning teaching people how to jump out of airplanes and work as a team. She has lived in ten different states, and loves to travel as much as she can; as well as dance, garden and go camping.
Most of her work has been with youth and adolescents, but she has a strong history working with adults as well, and can connect with just about anyone. Apart from being a therapist, she is a mother of four children, one of whom is special needs, and she loves working with families to help build on strengths and add support where challenges show up. She uses skills across several evidence-based modalities and has a primary focus on trauma-informed care.
Her wide-ranging life experience provides her a strong level of natural wisdom and a well of empathy and understanding for the clients she serves, and she is passionate about working toward becoming the change she wishes to see in the world.