Ways to Foster/Proctor

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Foster/Proctor Care

Proctor parents, also referred to as professional parents, are single individuals or married couples who provide care to children placed in their home.


Proctor parents provide a home family environment, nutritious meals, companionship, guidance, and physical, social, and emotional care. 


Proctor care may be short term or for several years, depending upon the child's needs and his/her family.

Treatment Foster Parent

Treatment foster care (TFC), also known as therapeutic foster care, is out-of-home care by foster parents for children and adolescents with significant emotional, behavioral, medical, or social needs. 


Therapeutic foster/proctor parents provide a highly structured home environment as an alternative to residential treatment facilities. 


*Approved by Together Facing The Challenge. With the support of a clinical team, QYS provides treatment foster care.

Transition to Adult Living


Transition to Adult Living (TAL) is designed for male and female youth ages 17-21 who are transitioning out of a residential care setting. 

QYS Offers structured apartment settings within licensed foster homes.

TAL is a 6-month program designed to motivate, teach skills, and help youth see successes. 

Respite Care Provider

Are you interested in foster care but not ready to commit to 24/7? Respite care could be for you!


Respite care is planned or can be temporary emergency care to give foster parents a break. 


Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families.

Respite care providers follow the same certification process as Foster/Proctor parents.