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Founded in 2007, Quality Youth Services holds contracts with the Department of Human Services and offers more than forty years' experience. Quality Youth Services' founders and owners, Rebecca Otsuka and Tami Paxton, work as evaluators and therapists alongside their employees. QYS emphasizes heavily our passion for helping youth succeed. Becky and Tami discovered a need in Utah for excellent care in transition settings and developed our Transition to Adult Living (TAL) as an answer to that need. TAL programming is step-down care from boarding schools, juvenile justice placements, and other residential settings.

The need for excellent therapists is answered in our quality staff and in our acceptance of our youth and our clients.

QYS also endorses Day One and Through the Maze. Day One is a nonprofit dedicated to making mental health care available to all regardless of ability to pay, as well as to supporting youth transitioning out of care with home necessities, such as cooking tools, cleaning tools, and more. Through the Maze is a digital mentoring platform dedicated to connecting mentors to mentees.

Our team includes staff at three locations: Harrisville (our flagship location), Logan (QYS North), and Pleasant Grove (QYS South). Our treatment coordinators work closely with our staff, proctor parents, and clients as we help our clients transition out of our program.

Day One



Day One, a non-profit founded in 2015, is Quality Youth Services' sister organization. Through Day One, we support mental health services for high-risk youth and families. Operated out of our Harrisville Office, Day One provides services and donations to individuals, children, and families in need, without regard to race, religion, or background. Day One strives to create a better world for all.

Through the Maze



Through The Maze, LLC is a digital mentoring company focused on building resilience skills for all. Created as an answer to the world's growing digital population, Through The Maze strives to connect mentors and mentees through our social platform.

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