Founded in 2007, Quality Youth Services holds contracts with the Department of Human Services and offers more than forty years' experience. Quality Youth Services' founders and owners, Rebecca Otsuka and Tami Paxton, work as evaluators and therapists alongside their employees. We emphasize heavily our passion for helping youth succeed. Becky and Tami discovered a need in Utah for excellent care in transition settings and developed our Transition to Adult Living (TAL) as an answer to that need. TAL programming is step-down care from boarding schools and other residential settings.


The need for excellent therapists is answered in our quality staff and in our acceptance of our youth and our clients.


Our team includes staff at three locations: Harrisville (our flagship location), Logan (QYS North), and Pleasant Grove (QYS South). Our treatment coordinators work closely with our staff, proctor parents, and clients as we help our clients transition out of our program.

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Extension Offices:

Quality Youth Services North Office

180 S. 600 W.

Logan, UT 84321


Quality Youth Services South Office

140 S. Main #1

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


Quality Youth Services

2240 North, HWY 89 #C

Harrisville, UT 84404

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Day One, a non-profit founded in 2015, is Quality Youth Services' sister organization. Through Day One, we support mental health services for high-risk youth and families. Operated out of our Harrisville Office, Day One provides services and donations to individuals, children, and families in need, without regard to race, religion, or background.


Day One strives to create a better world. Learn more and donate by visiting

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Through The Maze, LLC is a digital mentoring company focused on building resilience skills for all. Created as an answer to the world's growing digital population, Through The Maze strives to connect mentors and mentees through our social platform. Learn more at

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Angus Douglas
Jodi Larson
Lori Clow
Madeline Tycz
Mary Stockebrand

Maryann Stigers 
Nicole Steinicke
Tania Saucedo
Taylor Cole



Rebecca Otsuko

Behavioral Program Director, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville, Logan, Pleasant Grove

Bio coming soon


Tami Paxton, LCSW

Clinical Director, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville, Logan, Pleasant Grove

Tami is one of the founders of Quality Youth Services and together with co-founder Becky Otsuka, works as an evaluator and therapist alongside with their employees. Tami has been a clinician since 2001 and received her Bachelor of Social Work from Weber State University and completed her Master of Social Work through the University of Denver.


Tami is also the practicum supervisor for Quality Youth Services, which means she oversees all the MSW hopefuls as they complete their training. Tami enjoys sparking the imagination of one human at a time.


For fun, Tami enjoys all things outdoors including hiking, biking, camping, paddle boarding, canoe, boating, and volunteering. She has owned a variety of dogs, currently, two Yorkies named Chip and Duke.

Visit her listing on Psychology Today.


Certifications and Additional Credentials:

NOJOs (Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually)

Clinical Trauma Professional

Board member of Day One, [info about day one here]

Board member of NOJOS for the State of Utah

Co-Founder of Through the Maze, a digital mentoring program

Adjunct Lecturer at Utah State University


Katie Marchant

Office Manager, Quality Youth Services

Katie Marchant graduated Summa Cum Laude from Weber State University in 2014 with an emphasis in Technical Writing. She joined the Quality Youth Services team as their Office Manager in 2015. Katie is also the Executive Director of a nonprofit, Day One, which provides mental health and support services to under-served communities throughout Northern Utah. Katie is originally from Reno, NV, and enjoys the small-town feel of living and working in Ogden.


Charie Clark

Assistant Office Manager, Quality Youth Services

Bio coming soon

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Camille Lots

Billing Manager, Quality Youth Services

Camille began working with private providers who hold contracts with the Department of Human Services in 2006. She joined the team at Quality Youth Services in October 2016 and has been managing their billing, payroll, and finances since then. Camille received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Administrative Systems with a Business Minor from Weber State University.


As a little girl, Camille would play "house" as little girls do, but she would also play "office." She loves office work, and she has been working in and managing offices since she was in high school.  Camille enjoys figuring out systems to help office tasks run smoothly. She can also organize just about anything.


Camille loves spending time with both her son and her daughter. She also enjoys travel, baking, eating out with family and friends, watching movies, taking her daughter to concerts, hanging out with her son, and spending time with her large, extended family.



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James Clemesha

Treatment Coordinator, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Pleasant Grove

James has worked for Quality Youth Services since 2016. He is attending Utah Valley University and is working on a social work degree. His main goal with Quality Youth Services – and with life – is to help others reach their highest potential.

James and his wife have a boy named Calvin, who was born in 2018. James loves to spend time outdoors with his family and he also enjoys playing soccer.


Liz Corry

Outpatient Treatment Coordinator, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville

Bio coming soon

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Sydney Foulk

Treatment Coordinator, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville

Bio coming soon


Jentrie Hales

Treatment Coordinator, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Logan

Jentrie began with Quality Youth Services in 2018 and works as a treatment coordinator where she enjoys the diverse work.


Jentrie graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree and became a new mom in 2019. Her little boy is her obsession. Jentrie enjoys anything and everything outdoors and is ready to challenge anyone to a dance-off at any time. She is also passionate about food, especially sushi.


René Jones

Treatment Coordinator, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville

Bio coming soon


Aspyn Madsen

Treatment Coordinator, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Logan

Bio coming soon



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Paula Braun, APRN

Medication Management, Quality Youth Services

Practice Location: Harrisville

Bio soon 

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Dustin Blakeley, MSW, CSW

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville

Bio soon


Ciara Connors, LCSW

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Logan, Harrisville

Ciara has been with Quality Youth Services since 2014 and likes working with any population. She often works with those who have experienced trauma, sexual offending, autism, and anxiety.


She serves on the board for Day One and participates in a homelessness coalition as well as other interagency coalitions in Logan. Ciara's past service includes participation with the Transforming Communities Initiative (through the Social Work Department at Utah State University). She frequently works with NOJOS clients (Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually) and is a board representative for Level 4.


Ciara occasionally teaches courses through Utah State University and enjoys ceramics, running, writing, snowboarding, and basically anything outdoors.


Tanja Grover, MSW

PRS Provider, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Logan, Harrisville

Bio coming soon


Rebecca D. Miller, MSW, LCSW

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville, Pleasant Grove

Rebecca Miller graduated with a Bachelor in Sociology from Ashford University and her Master of Social Work from Utah State University. She is licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Utah. Rebecca is recognized as a therapist with the Utah Network of Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS). She has been working as a therapist since her internship in school in 2012.


Rebecca's past positions include a Research Assistant helping families receive Post Adoption Services, and as a therapist for at-risk youth in elementary schools and high schools. She worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA for two years in the Logan area. Rebecca specializes in addressing mental health concerns with adults and families using the Trauma-Informed Approach. She specializes in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, interpersonal relationships, grief, and loss.


Simone Y. Regan, MSW, CSWI

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Logan, Harrisville

Simone completed her internship at Quality Youth Services and loved it so much she wanted to stay on as a therapist. She’s an Army Veteran with a wealth of experience working with diverse populations, has lived all over the country, and enjoys making art, reading, gardening, and distance running. When time allows, she loves to produce art, including charcoals, painting, and sculpting. She loves to dance and sometimes dances with fire poi!


Joe Salazar, CMHC

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: 

Bio coming soon

Image by Dan Meyers

Kimberly Smith, MSW, CSW

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville, Logan

Bio soon

NOJOS provider 


Sally Stocker, MSW, CSW

Therapist, Quality Youth Services

Practice Locations: Harrisville, Logan

Sally completed her internship with Quality Youth Services and accepted a job to continue working with the clients and staff at QYS. She enjoys the challenge of mental health therapy and hopes to make a difference in her clients' lives.


Sally has her bachelor's and master's degrees from Utah State University and will spend all her time reading, if someone were to take care of everything else in her life.  She loves and lives in Cache Valley, Utah with her husband and numerous four-footed fur babies. Sally's last name is pronounced stoh-ker. It's German. She doesn't get it either.



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Amalia Gamboa

MSW Student Intern, Quality Youth Services

Amalia is a native Costa Rican who grew up in a small coffee farming town. She received a bachelor’s degree in eco-tourism and then worked at Outward Bound – Costa Rica in a partnership with Girl Scouts. She worked as a field guide with Pure Life for 2.5 years before transitioning to the Field Director role for 2.5 more years. She is certified in WFR, CPR, Technical Rope Rescue, and White Water Rescue.


Amalia has a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures. She loves the outdoors, specifically mountain/road biking, rock climbing, hiking, and appreciates the power of nature. Three years ago she came to Utah and fell in love with the mountains and the wilderness. She adores animals and has four dogs and one cat all of which are currently in Costa Rica. Her passion lies in helping people grow and develop in different areas. She finds joy in seeing people overcome their struggles and find a lasting change in their lives.

Aubrey Houskeeper Headshot.jpg

Aubrey Houskeeper

MSW Student Intern, Quality Youth Services

Aubrey graduated from Utah State University in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Art Education. After teaching for a few years, she recognized her love for helping children and adolescents express their thoughts and emotions clearly. She decided to change career routes to dive deeper into helping children, adolescents, and families to better understand their mental health.


Aubrey is currently a Master's Degree Student at Northwestern University. While studying to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) she is an intern at Quality Youth Services. She looks forward to helping others feel heard, seen, and understood.

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Addison Odum, MAT

MSW Student Intern, Quality Youth Services

Addison is currently enrolled in the Master of Social Work program at Utah State University. With a BFA in Visual Art and an MAT in Arts Education, she has worked extensively with educators developing relational behavioral management plans while creating positive classroom culture. For over twelve years, she has worked with youth and adults in a variety of settings. From the visual arts to wilderness therapy, she brings creativity, energy and care to those she works with. She is excited to expand her practice at Quality Youth Services. 


Heidi Schultz

MSW Student Intern, Quality Youth Services

Heidi graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor's in Psychology and is currently working on her Master's degree in Social Work at Utah State University. She has worked in the mental health field for more than four years in various areas including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, youth home care and mentoring, assisting in employment for those with disabilities, diagnostic assessment and stabilization, and helping others transitioning back into the community. Heidi's career goal is to provide therapy with individuals and families. 


Alexia Massey

MSW Student Intern, Quality Youth Services

Alexia grew up in a small town named Big Bear in Southern California. She moved to Utah in 2010 and has never left. She graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelor's in Social Work and is currently working on her master's in social work from UVU. Her main goal as a social worker is to help those in need, whether it's an individual, family, or a vulnerable population.

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Tyler Richardson

MSW Student Intern, Quality Youth Services

Tyler Richardson graduated from BYU-Idaho at the end of 2019 with a BS in psychology. Tyler is currently working on a master's of social work. Tyler wants to focus on working with children and adolescents, as well as their families because he believes that this population will be the driving force for our future.


Tyler is married and the father of a baby girl. He enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, playing music, loves to jam out at home. He enjoys running, riding bikes, and camping, as well as other outdoor activities. He was born and raised in Washington but isn't sure if that is interesting enough to include in his bio.