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Camille Lots, Chief Financial Officer


Camille began working with private providers who hold contracts with the Department of Human Services in 2006. She joined the team at Quality Youth Services in October 2016 and has been managing their billing, payroll, and finances since then. Camille received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Administrative Systems with a Business Minor from Weber State University.

As a little girl, Camille would play "house" as little girls do, but she would also play "office." She loves office work, and she has been working in and managing offices since she was in high school. Camille enjoys figuring out systems to help office tasks run smoothly. She can also organize just about anything.

Camille loves spending time with both her son and her daughter. She also enjoys travel, baking, eating out with family and friends, watching movies, taking her daughter to concerts, hanging out with her son, and spending time with her large, extended family.

(877) 393-6232 EXT 701

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