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René Jones

Northern Utah

René attended Weber State University and majored in Psychology and minored in Child and Family Studies. René has always aspired to work with at-risk youth and did this by working as a professional parent for more than 20 years, later moving to proctor parenting. René always wanted to make a difference in a child's life and has done this by working with at-risk youth/youth that struggle with the law, substance abuse, and NOJOS specific clients. Overall, René has worked in this type of field for more than 30 years, of which René worked in several various positions including group home staff/mentor, tracker, NOJOS group home supervisor for clients with special needs, a professional parent working with the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, a proctor parent, a service coordinator, and presently as a treatment coordinator.
René began working as a treatment coordinator in 2018. As a treatment coordinator, it is her responsibility to coordinate the efforts of the entire treatment team for each adolescent in the care of QYS. This requires me to be in constant contact with adolescents, parents of origin, QYS proctor parents, QYS TAL supervisors, DCFS caseworkers, DJJS case managers, probation officers, school officials, therapists, judges, or anyone else that has a positive influence on the adolescent's life. I work out of the Harrisville office and work directly with QYS proctor parents and TAL Supervisors who reside in Davis County. René feels that her experience as a professional parent and proctor parent gives her the knowledge to coach families to work with at-risk adolescents. René works hard to build good relationships with clients and families of origin and wants the youth in her care to reach the goal of reunification or transition to adult living. As a treatment coordinator, it is René's goal to ensure teamwork and consistency within the team when working with youth to reach their long-term goals. René does this all with the help of a team of trackers/mentors to assist in the day-to-day needs of the youth in care under my direct supervision.
In René's free time, she enjoys reading, crafts, sewing, spending time with family, and going to my granddaughters' cheer competitions. During football season, she loves watching the NFL -- especially the Chiefs!

(877) 393-6232 EXT 703

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