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Social Services Organization

QYS is committed to enhancing the quality of family life for our youth by providing foster services. Through our partnerships with other organizations and private citizens, we team up to meet the spiritual, mental, emotional, educational, social, cultural, and physical needs of children and their families.   

Our services provide safety and stability, assist in the development of self-esteem, teach self-control, permit children to develop and mature in their own individual talents and gifts, and provide families with the tools they need to foster a nurturing environment by demonstrating acceptable behavior.

Teaching self-control, respect, peace, contentment, and tolerance is a life-long commitment. That is why providing mental health services and strength-based foster care that encourage the permanency, safety, and well-being of foster youth is essential to enhancing the lives of children.

Child Placement Agency 

Every child is entitled to a stable and permanent home. Our child placement agency is dedicated to safeguarding children from neglect and abuse; ensuring that children live in a secure setting where they can get the necessities they need. When a risk of abuse, neglect, or dependency has been identified and additional referrals or supportive services are required, Children Services gets involved with children and their families. The goal of this organization is to support families and arrange services to reunite them whenever possible. In the meantime, it is crucial to place children in a safe home. 

What are the Goals of a Social Service Organization?

Our care aims to provide a child with temporary care, ensure their safety, and meet their ongoing needs until it is safe to reunite them with their biological parents or other family members. This can take anywhere from a week to a few years. For those considering becoming proctor parents, it is important to remember that you will need to work within the system with the goal of helping a family toward reunification. This care is temporary and not the same as adoption. 

Reasons to Foster 

When children have to leave their biological parents, no matter the reason, it is a traumatic experience for them. Opening your home to them is one of the best ways you can help a family and make a child feel safe. Fostering also keeps children from aging out of the system alone and ending up homeless or increasing their risk for decisions that lead to jail time. 

We Support You

At QYS, you can participate in our certification program to become eligible to have children in your home. The training we provide allows you to get through the process and understand all of your resources so a child can be placed in your home. We provide support and education that far exceeds what the state requires. Your team will be made up of you, your spouse if you have one, QYS, and the department of social services. Everything that is done is geared toward the best interest of the child. When the child you have cared for is ready for the reunification process, your team is there every step of the way. 

Respite Care and Support Groups 

You will face the everyday challenges of parenthood while fostering. It can make raising a child more difficult. We are here to support both you and the child. Respite care ensures you are taking care of yourself through this process. There is also a 24/7 crisis line to instantly connect should the need arise.

Determining Treatment 

There are different levels of children in our care. That is how we determine which parents are qualified to care for a child. Every child comes from a different background and different experiences, some much more traumatic than others. 

Level One 

Children who are placed in our care without needing a form of treatment are typically developing normally. These youngsters behave appropriately for their age. They are also free to participate in community events. They may also be too young to understand the circumstances. 

Level Two 

This is for children who have never been in a child placing agency and have not yet been assessed. Once this is determined, the level of care they need can be determined. 

Level Three

For these children, treatment for emotional, social, and behavioral issues is necessary. This is primarily where we label children as high risk youths. Parents who support these children will require special training and specific home requirements. 

Family Reunification Process 

As we discussed, the main goal of fostering is to keep children safe until they can be reunited with their families. This happens when the biological parent or parents work toward reaching specific goals. The process includes supervised visits that continue to progress in duration. An example would be a visit that is normally done during the day into an overnight. While housing a child, they will need your continued support through this process. 

In addition to youth and social services, QYS provides extensive training, support, and peer mentoring to support your journey through Foster/Proctor care by utilizing the essential components of the Together Facing the Challenge.

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